Don’t Ever Ignore a Child

Don’t ever ignore a child. Don’t look away, staring at your screen, fainting like you have something more important going on. Don’t fight a tear when you feel something strong blossoming inside, pretending like you’re strong and have it all figured out. Don’t let the sunset go by unnoticed, rushing away through the busyness that has got a grip of you. Don’t fail to acknowledge a homeless or elder person who lies outside of your realm of the relentless rhythm.

Instead, pause for a second, look away from your screen, close your eyes to feel your tears of awe or sadness, hug your child and crouch down to look directly in her eye, listen to birds that came to sing a song just for you. Allow yourself this frivolous waste of time, crack your unbreakable routine open, look those previously unseen beings in the eye and see what they have to share with you.

And when you all of a sudden hear them, when you open your heart and not just your ears to what they’ve been trying to tell you, when you allow their message to sink in, you’ll be blown away.

You’ll cry the tears of regret for not having listened before. You’ll feel tiny and unimportant on the backdrop of the grandeur of life that will zip through you like a lightening. You will awaken for a moment.

For most of us, these moments will not last. We’ll dismiss them as a weakness, and turn the adult button back on. But if we allow that moment to infuse within us, when we sit with it, we will feel a powerful process unfolding inside that will change us forever.

When we allow ourselves to be transformed by others, our unimportance and powerlessness vanishes. Instead, the creator inside awakens from deep sleep. The realization dawns upon us that it’s not doing, but opening our heart and listening that will make a difference, touch and change the world. All it takes is you, the being next to you, and a simple smile, single tear, the undivided attention, and loving care. The magic formula.

You’ll never want to go back.

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