The underlying causes of the Pandemic

It’s five am, and I am up sleepless. Woke up restless with heavy stomachache, gasping for air, unwell, body aching. No, it’s not Covid. After spending two beautiful months ´exiled ´into wilderness, I came back to the city, to Rio de Janeiro.

Within a few hours, my husband started having his regular allergic reactions (something he had completely forgotten about in the last two months), my daughter fell prey to itchy skin and UTI symptoms. My digestion immediately deteriorated, making me feel pain, foggy-headed, lethargic. Immediately, our sleep became restless, our energy levels dropped, we became anxious & unwell. Doing my breathing exercises in the morning, the lack of adequate oxygen for the first time became apparent to me.

The pandemic we are facing today is not caused by JUST a virus. Pathogens have co-existed with us since the dawn of times. They are part of our existence, and always have been. Virus and bacteria became a problem when we were squeezed into right nature-less conglomerations of people (under a fancy name of metropolis), lost contact with nature, eating denatured foods, radiated with damaging wave frequencies, and breathing air lacking adequate oxygen. As we moved from the countryside, we feel prey to illness, surviving rather than thriving. Over 15 million people worldwide die from stroke and heart disease each year; another 7 million lose their lives to chronic & acute respiratory diseases. All of the above are in large part attributable to preventable lifestyle factors, the former fueled by sedentarity and poor dietary habits, while the latter to indoor & outdoor air pollution and smoking.

Look at where we were prior to 2020. A number of species are either extinct or are on the verge of mass extinction. Our forests have been decimated. Our oceans nearly destroyed. Do we really think that as human we can survive without nature? That we are somehow above it all? When one part of the delicate cycle is destroyed, another succumbs. We are part of that chain, nurtured by nature’s elements. If we break the body down into elements, you’ll find lots of water and pure vibrational energy. We are what we drink, eat, and breathe. The water we drink is contaminated with chemicals, we eat anything BUT real foods, we breathe less oxygen than ever in the history of humanity. Our mental health deteriorated. We are sick at our core.

That the virus has been thriving in this disequilibrium of our precarious natural environment and our polluted bodies, is no surprise. Our immune system can fight pathogen with ease when it is not compromised by the lack of adequate movement, poor diet, polluted air, and disconnected from its natural ways.

We are looking into the wrong direction as a society. Worried about a single virus, that keeps acquiring superpowers each passing day, receiving blame for all of our health issues, we have fully forgotten about the underlying causes of this pandemic and the precarious condition in which we find ourselves. We should be calling on our governments to take REAL responsibility in preserving life by improving our living conditions and strengthening our health systems. Protecting us from the virus with facial masks and keeping us away from each other is an easy enough policy to implement, but it’s NOT resolving the underlying condition: it’s only putting a Band-Aid on a deep open wound, that has not been treated.

Where there are strong health systems, we see much much fewer deaths. Our governments need to make healthcare available to everyone. Where there are no pre-existing health conditions, virus is conquered with ease. Health systems need to focus on prevention, NOT curative medicine. As societies, we need to declutter, move away from city centers to reduce our exposure to contamination, to reconnect with real nature. We need to start planting our own foods or buying from small organic farmers. We need to stop mass production of cattle that’s asides from inhumane is destroying our forests and throwing more carbon dioxide into air than all of the cars in the world taken together. We need to dramatically reduce our consumption of non-essential goods, the production of which contributes to slave labor and to the creation of endless trash that’s choking off life in our oceans and environments. We need to plant more trees and stop destroying the ones that are giving us our life force. We need to prohibit wide-scale use of pesticides and reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals.

On the individual level, we are being called to go back to the basics, reconnect with our bodies, become part of nature again, and see that we are struggling and suffering not because of pathogens, but because of the gross disequilibrium in which we live. All our bodies really need is fresh air, clean food, and pure nature to thrive; our societies need to provide us with adequate health education, affordable high quality healthcare, and governance based on informed and equitable policy-making. We might find a vaccine or drug for this virus, but others will come. Pathogens are part of our normal life. Fighting against nature is not gonna get us very far. We need to look deeper, correct the disequilibrium we have created, work WITH nature, not AGAINST it. And we need to reconstruct our societies in ways that prioritize and value human life and the environment in which we can thrive with the rest of the natural world.

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