What we give away now, we may never recover

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten myself into many uncomfortable arguments about the lockdown, data analysis, use of masks with the intention of making sense of this new life we are supposed to make work. As I found myself deeper into the arguments but further from any consensus, I looked deeper inside to figure out the reasons for being unable to agree on any of my friend’s and colleague’s convincing arguments. I finally realized that my opposition was not about the measures per se; it went beyond them.

Before all of this happened, we as a humanity were very close to breaking free from all of the lies that were told to us, on the road to regaining control of our true essence, step by step coming together to construct a new reality we had envisioned. We saw straight through the lies of religion and the centuries of dark ages that finally started burning down under our scrutiny. We questioned the veracity of our media, that fed us fake news and had been manipulated by large corporations. We cried out in unison as we saw our forest and jungles burning down and our ocean life choking up with trash of our inhumane greed. We condemned the agricultural and pharmaceutical conglomerates for feeding us toxic foods, poisoning our water supply; we started looking for holistic medicine to replace drugs were created with the intention of keeping us unhealthy and hooked. Our latest presidential elections made it clear to us that democratic institutions were highly flawed, that corruption had penetrated into every aspect of our governance structures. We were waking up to our consciousness. We were uniting in our outcry for a new world that would be different, where we would have a chance at freedom, a life that would be ours to choose.

Then out of the blue, right as we were about to make some really important choices, and cut through all the vails, the virus attacked. Whether it was real or manmade, is irrelevant. Whether there is a conspiracy theory explaining its orchestration or not, is a futile discussion. The virus is real. And its out there. Uncontrollable, unpredictable, and fatally dangerous. We hid at home, waiting for it to go away, watching our screens as the numbers kept rising. We watch in grotesque detail the elderly grasping for their last breaths, we see them being buried in mass graves, we watch the numbers grow in dismay. We stay at home. We lose our jobs. We give up on our dreams. We put on our masks. And we carefully wait and listen to everything that’s said to make sure we don’t miss any of the lifesaving instructions.

What else could we do, you say? There is no choice, but to hide from the danger, to flatten the curve, and to wait. We are not even afraid for ourselves, but for our elders. It’s in their name that we’re giving up all of our freedoms. Masks represent our commitment to the cause.

Or do they?

Only yesterday we were in full distrust of media, fed up by fake news, corporations and their vested interest, governments, we knew were manipulated by lobbyists. In a world where Champagne could go from dangerous to our best friend in preventing dementia, based on who’s financing the study, how could we have put all of our trust back to manipulated numbers that project REAL and eminent dangers? In a world where it has been painfully obvious that innocent people are killed in wars invented to fight made-up threats, where guns kill thousands of our kids, hunger kills millions of disadvantaged, and where McDonald’s is the root of most of the chronic diseases, how can we have put our trust in the SAME corporations and governments that didn’t lift a finger to take care of us or even admit to these truths?

Whether we’re a Trump supporter or an avid socialist, is irrelevant. Politics has been playing the game of polarities that from one side of pendulum swing us in opposite directions of the same distance away from nature, from each other, and from the truth that we know exists deep down, but is nowhere to be found.

This is not the first nor the last virus or disease that we will have to face as a humanity; nor is this the first or last crisis that will put us to test. The test we have failed miserably. We have allowed the governments and news channels to reduce us to fear and panic, given away our autonomy, allowing them to convince us we are powerless and vulnerable. We have fully entrusted ourselves to the system, allowed our vibration to drop to its lowest, activating our fight-or-flight and shutting down our immune systems and ability to be happy. And that, inadvertently has opened us up to control and manipulation. To NOT question. We have been cut off from each other, from nature, from sunlight, from fresh air — our greatest allies in protecting our health; we have been told that exercise outdoors, meeting each other, and having sex have become dangerous. Our mouths have been taped, our eyes have been cast to the ground as we have started fearing one another. Afraid and powerless, we have lost the greatest present we never even had time to unwrap: the gift of self-awareness and faith. Because awareness and fear cannot coexist in the same body. We’ve given the control of this great Self over to them, to the numbers, and the experts who undoubtedly know best. Having liberated ourselves from the grip of the punitive God, freeing ourselves from tyrannical dictatorships, we have lost the battle to a new perpetrator: one that is here to stay. Unless we look for the truth. It’s been there all along. Within each and every one of us.

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