Women’s Day Paradox

On the surface International women’s days is about expressing appreciation for and celebrating women’s beauty. But just as with our female nature, this day is much more complex than what it seems. Though a celebration, it has a bitter taste to it. Would we need this day if women had their way on all the other days of the year? Why celebrate the superficial appreciation if one cannot accept the not-so-pretty messages that we as women have to share, if our voices continue to be suppressed, and our collective call for change remains unheard.

Today, for a change, I’d like to wish us all the courage to embrace and appreciate the women that are hiding under the beautiful shell, with all the paradoxes they bring forth with them. We can be beautiful AND powerful at the same. Being one does NOT take the other away. A woman can be a housewife with a sex appeal, because being a mother and wife, does not and should NOT take away our desire to be seen.

Being a woman can be a lot of work and we DO need help sometimes. That does NOT make us weak. We do NOT need equal rights; we need equivalent rights that are tailored to OUR specific needs. They are different. We should be PROUD of our differences that make us who we are. Lets embrace those, and not discard our uniqueness in search of equality in a society that is anything BUT fair.

We have something DIFFERENT to bring to this world. And the world needs to hear us, not to add numbers to the corporate workforce. We are NOT satisfied with the way our societies and institutions have been set up. Call us more touchy feely, but we do care about our environment, about welfare and social responsibility, the emotional well-being is more important to us than maximizing profit, and productivity and economic growth are NOT a good measures of wellbeing of our societies.

Our power is in bringing forth love and empathy. We care. And we want our world and its institutions to reflect inclusivity, compassion, and yes, enjoyment. We need more time to take care of our kids at home, and more time under the sheets to be fulfilled sexually. We do have desires and dreams. And they are not always limited to our family. We need to be seen and heard, not just looked at. We rebel sometimes too, and call for revolutions. We do know how to say NO, and the time has come to say it louder.

Women’s day is about celebrating US, bringing out our inner complexity, and shining light on our paradoxes. Embracing a woman that we are inside is NOT a luxury nor is it selfish. It’s the only way forward. Let’s break the empty shell, and make this day about brining the REAL women out for a explosion of diversity and love.

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